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Umatic is the best online UMAT preparation.

The best way to improve in the UMAT is to practice. Umatic is the best way to practice.

What is it?

Umatic allows you to access hundreds of UMAT practice questions. All our questions have been updated for the 2017 UMAT. You can complete practice exams and tests and track your improvement. It's the best UMAT preparation available.

All our UMAT 2017 practice test questions have complete explanations
Every single question has a full explanation.

All our questions are fully explained. We explain why each answer is or is not correct, and offer suggestions as to where you could have gone wrong.

What's more, with a premium account, if you don't understand an explanation, get in touch and we'll explain it to you personally.

Our UMAT 2017 Section 3 practice test questions have visual explanations
Section 3 questions are also explained visually.

We find that most other UMAT preparation sites struggle to explain the Section 3 image-based questions well.

We generate explanations alongside our, breaking the images down into smaller components and showing you the patterns step-by-step where its appropriate.

Over three-quarters of our Section 3 questions have visual explanations.

Complete some free questions now and see for yourself! »

We study your UMAT 2017 practice test results and use the results as a diagnostic test
Your speed and accuracy are analysed and we intelligently select questions based on your weaknesses.

Last time we checked, no other UMAT preparation website analyses both your speed and accuracy to show you where you are weakest.

We do both and use the data to automatically select similar questions for you to practice.

You can track your improvement in the UMAT 2017 using data from our practice questions
You are provided with rich data tracking your progress over time.

If you don't trust us to analyse your results, you can do it yourself! In your dashboard, you'll find graphs of your speed and accuracy in every Section.

No other UMAT preparation site offers this to the same level of detail as us.

Our UMAT Guide updated for 2017 offers help on every section and all types of practice questions
We offer a guide to every category of question.

Doesn't matter if you've signed up or not, feel free to use our guide.

We break the three sections down into smaller categories, explain the types of question in each, and give you tips on how to go about finding the answer.

FreePremium - $75 for a year
30 questions600+ questions, with more added every week until the UMAT
Partial guide accessFull guide access
Full explanationsFull explanations
Manual question selectionManual and intelligent question selection
Data-driven feedbackData-driven feedback
Extra question help - just contact us
Access to 134-question simulated UMAT exams

At only $75 for a year, we are the cheapest UMAT preparation available. Per question, we are 50% cheaper than official ACER practice tests, and 60% cheaper than leading competitors.

Any Questions?

How do I know the questions are up to UMAT standard?
Every question has been written with the UMAT in mind. We regularly check our questions to ensure that students are as accurate and fast answering ours as they are in answering UMAT questions. We have updated our questions for UMAT 2017. Also, we offer 30 free UMAT questions, so you can see for yourself!
How can I get extra help understanding questions, answers or explanations?
If you need any extra help with anything and have a premium account, contact with details of where you are struggling, and we'll get back to you as fast as we can!
Can Umatic help with my interview?
Not yet! We are planning on setting up an interview review service, where you answer interview questions with your webcam at home, and we get your answers reviewed by actual medicine interviewers. Watch this space!
What's the best way to use Umatic?
Whilst there is no 'best' way to use Umatic, we recommend reading the guide thoroughly before you start. Then, do a couple of sets of 10-20 questions per day over the few weeks leading up to UMAT. Focus on your weaknesses. With a premium account, we'll tell you exactly what they are. A few days before the test, do a 134-question test on Umatic and any of the official UMAT practice tests you have access to.
Can Umatic predict my UMAT Score?
No, we can't. ACER have not disclosed how overall UMAT scores are calculated. Don't worry about the score, but use your dashboard to see how you are improving over time!
When do I need to pay and what cards do you accept?
We don't need any card information at all until you want to upgrade to a premium account. We'll never charge you a cent without asking first. We accept all major debit and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.